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About us
Our values: home-made, freshly prepared dishes made from natural or regional food. The bread we serve is home-made as well!

"Experience greek hospitality at Ägäis."

ENJOY THE ATMOSPHERE Experience the cozy greek atmosphere in a lovely vintage interior.
TERRACE OPEN IN SUMMER Fancy relishing the hot weather in the sun or among the shades outside? Our garden terrace has plenty of space for just that.
CHOICES FOR VEGETARIANS Other than vegetarian Mussaka different choices include specialties like Briami, Penirli or vegetable stew.

Since over 40 years, we run the restaurant Ägäis in Entringen, where we treat our guests to home-made greek cuisine in a cozy atmosphere.

The interior and furnishings remind of a typical fishing village tavern on the island of the Cyclades. Ocean-blue walls and souvenirs from Kea island and others take one back to old times, while the vintage interior is heartily welcoming!

Our guests are offered home-made specialties including octopus, grilled or as a soup, Moussaka, and of course gyro, as well as many other dishes.

Gourmets can look forward to swordfish or tasty Ortef, Vegans are offered vegetable stew or Briami. Our meat dishes are made of sustainable agriculture and meat graded Staufenfleisch (hand-picked, humanely treated animals).

Regional and high-quality ingredients - many of which are organic - are very important to us!
This also holds true for our greek organic olive oil and the drinks menu, where the refreshing greek Mythos beer can be found.

Take a short trip, enjoying lively greek hospitality - at Ägäis, you can experience it: during lunch hours from Tuesday through Friday with six affordable meal options.

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Lunch Menu

From Monday through Friday in addition to our overall Menu you can choose from the following lunch offers between 12:00am and 2:30pm:


The menu has been carefully put together. Nevertheless, we can not guarantee for changes from the original menu found at the restaurant. We reserve the right for error and modifications, apologizing for any caused inconveniences.

Reservation/Order for on-the-go

Do you want to make a reservation? Call us:00497073/7965 or
fill out this reservationform*:

- Do you want to order for on-the-go? Write us how many and which dishes you would like to order in the information field.
- If you want to reserve a table, please note the time of arrival as well as number of people in the information field.

*As soon as we receive your reservation or order, we will call you back.

Opening times
Monday Tuesday - Sunday
5:30pm - 10:00pm
12:00am - 2:30pm
5:30pm - 10:00pm
Inventory with pictures
  • homely furnished top floor holiday flat
  • organic and suitable for people with allergies/allergy screened
  • fully equipped kitchen (dishwasher, ceramic glass cooktop (ceran stove), 2 refrigerators, microwave, coffee maker)
  • 2 toilets, bathtub, shower
  • washing machine
  • 2 bedrooms, each with 2 beds
  • 1 bedroom with 1 bed
  • sofa bed in the living room
  • TV with Astra- & Eutel-Sattelite-Connection
  • Wi-Fi (wireless Internet access)
  • linen and towels provided/inclusive
  • parking possible
  • restaurant in the building - greek and natural food since 1977
  • central and conveniently located
  • 5 minutes walking distance to train station
  • trains to Tuebingen and Herrenberg with connection to Stuttgart main station and airport
Description of Location
The holiday flat is located in the centre of Ammerbuch-Entringen.
Entringen is on the brink of Schönbuch forest and has many hiking- and cycling-routes, as well as a great game reserve with many native species.
Not far from the holiday flat is a big playground for children.
There you can find climbing frames and different areas for play (seesaw, sandbox, „monkey house“) and two football grounds (grass and asphalt), a basketball field and a table tennis table.
Only a few minutes from the playground there is a open air swimming pool. It has three swimming pools (one for babies, one medium sized one for smaller children and a proper swimmer´s area).
Further, the lido has a field for beach volleyball and a sandbox with multiple seesaws, swings, and a carousel.
In the neighbourhood, two bakeries, one snack bar (diner), one butcher, a petrol station (gas station AmE), and a supermarket can be found.
The village´s central location makes for a very good connection (via train or car) to the nearby cites (Tübingen, Stuttgart).
The holiday flat is only a five minute walking distance away from the train station of Entringen, which has fast connections to Tübingen, Herrenberg, Stuttgart.

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Restaurant Ägäis, Holiday Apartment Baxivanelis
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Monday Tuesday - Sunday
5:30pm - 10:00pm
12:00am - 2:30pm
5:30pm - 10:00pm